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Are you a Harvard concentrator interested in Statistics?
If yes, please join us for an information session and lunch Friday, October 31 from 12:00-2:00 pm, Science Center 7th floor.  Ask questions about courses, concentration and secondary requirements, meet faculty, and more!  (For a good laugh, see the very enthusiastic Halloween-themed flyer.)

Quadruple Honors for Donald Rubin
Honorary professorships from Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Xian University of Technology, and Shanghai Finance University will be awarded to John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics Donald Rubin in October. As if these are not enough, in April he will then receive the Doctorate Honoris Causa from Universidad Santo Tomás.  An recent interview with him will appear soon in Statistical Science.

Statistics Professor to lead Harvard Management Company
Warm congratulations to Stephen Blyth, Professor of the Practice and PhD alumnus, on being named President and Chief Executive Officer of HMC, which is responsible for investing Harvard’s endowment.

Recent Books by Harvard Stat Dept Faculty
Among the titles are Introduction to Probability (by Joseph Blitzstein and AB/AM alumnus Jessica Hwang), An Introduction to Quantitative Finance (by Stephen Blyth), Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U.S. (edited by Alan Agresti and Xiao-Li Meng), Designs for Clinical Trials (edited by David Harrington) and Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (edited by Xiao-Li Meng et al.)  More to come soon...

Google Fellows in Statistics
PhD candidate Guillaume Basse is this year's recipient of the coveted Google Fellowship in Statistics. His research centers on the optimal design of experiments in situations where social interference plays a key role. He joins classmate Panagiotis Toulis, who won in 2012.

Office of Naval Research Honors Stat Professor
Edo Airoldi, associate professor & director of graduate studies, is recipient of the 2014 ONR Young Investigator Award for his research on methods for measuring and understanding information and behavioral patterns.

Understanding the Value of Every Movement on the Basketball Court
Luke Bornn, assistant professor, and Ph.D. students Dan Cervone & Alex D’Amour are featured in this fascinating Grantland article about sports analytics. Harvard Gazette coverage appears here. Bornn's innovative project-based course "Learning from Big Data" is also featured here.