Tentative information about Fall 2020 Courses is posted below. The Statistics Department also offers some courses online.

Fall Course Title Instructor Day(s) Time(s) Location
Stat 91r Supervised Reading & Research Kevin Rader      
Stat 99r Tutorial - Senior Year Alexander Young      
Stat 104 Intro to Quant Methods for Econ & Soc Sci Katy McKeough      
Stat 110 Intro to Probability Joe Blitzstein      
Stat 120 Applied Bayesian Inference Samuel Kou      
Stat 121A Data Science 1 Kevin Rader, Pavlos Protopapas      
Stat 123 Quantitative Finance Stephen Blyth      
Stat 139 Linear Models Kevin Rader      
Stat 151 Multilevel and Longitudinal Models Luke Miratrix      
Stat 185 Introduction to Dimension Reduction Alexander Young      
Stat 195 Intro to Statistical Machine Learning Lucas Janson      
Stat 210 Probability 1 Joe Blitzstein      
Stat 211 Statistical Inference 1 Lucas Janson      
Stat 221 Monte Carlo Methods & Other Computational Tools for Statistical... Jun Liu      
Stat 230 Multivariate Statistical Analysis Samuael Kou      
Stat 236

Modern Statistical Learning

Zheng Tracy Ke      
Stat 244 Linear & Generalized Lineral Models Mark Glickman      
Stat 300 HFRA Research in Statistics Neil Shephard & Mark Glickman      
Stat 303 HFA The Art & Practice of Teaching Statistics Xiao-Li Meng, Pragya Sur      
Stat 305R Statistical Consulting Lucas Janson      
Stat 310 HFRA Topics in Astrostatistics Xiao-Li Meng and Astrophysics Collaborators      
Stat 314 HFRA Timely Topics in Statistics Subhabrata Sen      
Stat 314 HFRA Colloquium  (314 HFRA split meeting pattern)      
Stat 366 Introduction to Research Jun Liu      

*Course Schedules Tentative

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The Statistics probability course (STAT 110) is offered as an online course and is taught by Professor of the Practice Joseph Blitzstein. Joe Blitzstein has taught this course each year since 2006.
See the course on YouTube or at edX

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