PhD Admissions FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the Department of Statistics Ph.D. admissions process.

What is the application deadline?

The complete online application, fee, and supporting materials (including official GRE scores) are due by December 1, 2018, 5:00 pm EST, for September 2019 enrollment. We cannot make exceptions for late applications. Applications that are not complete when the faculty begin reviewing them will not receive full consideration.



Can I apply to two different GSAS degree programs at the same time?

Yes, but two separate applications are required, each with its own supporting letters of recommendation, transcript, GRE scores, etc. Each department will then independently consider the application. If admission is granted to both programs, the applicant will need to decide in which program to enroll. Once admitted, note that students may cross-register in courses offered by the other program, so there is flexibility to design a program that suits his/her needs and interests.

Is a Math or Stats major required for admission?

No, but it is helpful. An applicant should have the equivalent math background of Mathematics 21a and 21b (see Harvard course catalog), at minimum. Students who do not have that level may not compete well against undergraduate math or statistics majors in admissions and will struggle in upper-level statistics courses

Is the GRE Mathematics Subject Test required?

No, the GRE Math Subject Test is not required, however some faculty do want to see the math subject test score. We only recommend taking the GRE Math Subject Test if the applicant is very confident of doing well.

Is Financial Aid available?

Virtually all PhD students are fully supported with a combination of tuition, stipend grants, teaching, and research assistantships. PhD students are required to work part-time during the academic year as teaching fellows and research assistants. Harvard University does not provide any financial aid for AM students, however AM students may be eligible for on-campus employment.