AM in Statistics

Our AM program

Successful completion of Harvard’s AM program in Statistics can lead to more flexible career choices and provide reward and value to the AM degree recipient.  Many of Harvard’s AM students go on to Ph.D. programs after finishing, while others go on to immediately become part of the much-needed workforce meeting demands for statistics in many areas such as in the financial sector, data science, software development, and government agencies.

The AM program is available only to current Harvard GSAS PhD students or to current Harvard undergraduates via the AB/AM program. Please note: GSAS admitted the last cohort of external AM students in statistics in the Fall of 2017. External applications will no longer be accepted.

AM program prerequisites

Students must have demonstrated a commitment to the graduate study of statistics.   Prior to applying, at least three statistics courses need to have been completed by the end of the semester in which the application is submitted, including at least one 200-level statistics course.  The grades must be at least B in each course.  Among these courses must be Stat 110 (or 210) and Stat 111 (or 211), with grades of at least A− in both.

AM program requirements

The degree requirements for the AM program may be found at the GSAS graduate statistics program page.  Undergraduate students interested in the AB/AM degree should also consult the concurrent masters program page

AM program admissions

Students interested in pursuing the AM degree in Statistics should contact the Director of Masters Study in Statistics to assess the feasibility of the program and whether the program is a good fit to the students’ educational and career goals.  Undergraduate students interested in the fourth-year concurrent masters degree should apply at latest during their first semester of Junior year with an application deadline of December 1 using the GSAS application web site.  Students in PhD programs may submit applications for the AM degree program in Statistics at any time, and should be sent to the Student Programs Administrator within the Statistics DepartmentThe application process involves the following steps.

  • Students must submit an AM Program Plan of Study form that details the courses they will count towards the AM degree, and when the courses will be taken or have been taken.
  • Students applying for the AB/AM program must also submit a supplemental form that confirms they have had advising conversations about the program.
  • Students will need two letters of recommendation, with at least one coming from a faculty member in the Harvard Statistics department.  The letters should evaluate the likelihood of success of the applicant completing the requirements of the AM degree program. The GSAS application portal is currently set up to require three recommenders, so if students are not able to include only two recommenders they should contact the Director of Masters Studies in the Statistics Department.
  • No Statement of Purpose is required.
  • GRE scores are not required.
  • No writing sample is required.


SM in Data Science

The Master of Science (SM) in Data Science program, run jointly with Computer Science and administered through the Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS) at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), trains students in the rapidly growing field of data science. Please find more information at the SM in Data Science program website.