Senior Lecturer Mark Glickman Appointed Chair of ASA Committee on Data Science and AI

July 21, 2022
Senior Lecturer Mark Glickman has been appointed Chair of the American Statistical Association's recently created Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.  The committee is responsible for advising ASA's board and the ASA on promoting the integration of statistics with data science and artificial intelligence initiatives.  In the April 1st, 2022 AMSTAT Newsletter, Mark says, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to chair the ASA Committee on Data Science and AI.  Our committee is a diverse group of experts from academia, industry, and government who are enthusiastic about making a real impact. I am looking forward to meeting with the committee on a regular basis to develop ways to improve data science and AI resources for ASA members and to attract the involvement of non-ASA data scientists in ASA-led activities.”