Professor Susan Murphy wins Guy Medal in Silver, 3rd Win in a row for HU Statistics Affiliates

January 31, 2019
Susan Murphy

Professor Susan Murphy has won this year's Guy Medal in Silver. 

From the Royal Statistical Society:
"The Guy Medal in Silver is awarded to Susan Murphy for her methodological, computational and applied work on dynamic treatment regimens. Susan’s influential JRSSB paper in 2003 on Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimens proposed a methodology for estimating decision regimens that result in a maximal mean response, consistent with an elegantly-defined regret function and for use with experimental or observational data. Substantial follow-up work on multi-stage decision making has built on this paper, including Susan’s own work ranging from sample size determination to performance guarantees for individualized treatment rules and applications ranging from addictions to micro-randomized optimization of mobile health interventions for the Fitbit generation."
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This is the third year in a row that a faculty member or alum from the department has received a Guy Medal. Peng Ding, a 2015 graduate of the department's PhD program, received the Guy Medal in Bronze in 2018. In 2017, Professor Neil Shephard won the Guy Medal in Silver.