Professor Kelly McConville addresses increasing editorial diversity in ASA journals on the Practical Significance podcast

April 1, 2022

"Practical Significance | Episode 16: Participation Matters: Recommendations from the ASA Publications Task Force
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The review process for publication in ASA journals is highly competitive and, for some, there exist barriers for participation. This month, Practical Significance welcomes two members of the ASA Publications Task Force, Rebecca Hubbard and Kelly McConville, who share the findings of the task force and their vision for the future.

Gleaning from personal experience, Rebecca and Kelly reveal the challenges they faced, which fuel their passion for the work of the task force. They discuss several critical recommendations, including identifying barriers for participation in the overall publications process—publishing, reviewing, and serving as editors—and the need for mentoring early-career statisticians to build future editors.

Listen in to this incredibly important and candid conversation. Also, don’t miss Ron’s traditional “Top 10,” as he is joined by guest Daniela Witten and they offer up the “Top Ten Statistical Terms If They Had Been Named by Dogs.”