PhD Student Kuanhao Jiang Receives New England Statistical Society's Student Research Award

July 21, 2022
Kuanhao Jiang

The Statistics Department would like to celebrate incoming 3rd year PhD student Kuanhao Jiang's accomplishment in receiving the 2022 New England Statistical Society's Student Research Award!  Each year, the awards committee selects students based on the quality of students' body of research and students are honored at a symposium.  Kuanhao received this honor for his paper on "A New Central Limit Theorem for the Augmented IPW Estimator: Variance Inflation, Cross-Fit Covariance and Beyond" with Statistics Professors Pragya Sur and Subhabrata Sen and Biostatistics Professor Rajarshi Mukherjee.  The paper characterizes the asymptotic distribution of the cross-fit augmented IPW estimator in a high-dimensional regime without sparsity assumptions.

Kuanhao Jiang NESS Award Photo