2017 Dempster Prize Winners: Espen Bernton and Xinran Lin

May 9, 2017

The Department of Statistics has awarded the 2017 Dempster Prize to Espen Bernton and Xinran Lin for their research papers.  The award “supports and recognize promising graduate students within the Department of Statistics, in particular those who have made significant contributions to theoretical or foundational research in statistics.”  It is named in honor of Professor Arthur P. Dempster.  Espen’s paper was entitled “Inference in generative models using Wasserstein distance,” while Xinran’s paper was called “Randomization inference for peer effects.”

Previous winners of the Dempster Prize are: Anqi Zhao & David Jones in 2016; Panagiotis Toulis in 2015; Peng Ding in 2014; Bo Jiang in 2013; and Alexander Blocker in 2012.