TF and CA Jobs

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Teaching Assistant Role

  • What does a Teaching Fellow or Course Assistant do?
    • Note that graduate students are hired as Teaching Fellows (TFs) while undergraduates are hired as Course Assistants (CAs).
    • TFs/CAs teach weekly recitation sections, hold office hours, grade homework, and attend classes. TFs/CAs are also responsible for additional, smaller tasks throughout the semester.
    • Sections and Office Hours: TFs/CAs hold sections and office hours each week to assist students with homework problems and answer questions.
    • Homework: TFs/CAs grade homework for their section during the semester. Typically, students submit one problem set each week. TFs/CAs are expected to grade the assignment and return it to the student at the next section.
    • Classes: TFs/CAs attend the lecture of the course where they are a TF/CA so they can see what is being taught. Attending class may also give the TF/CA an idea of what topics students may be struggling with during the week and in section.  Note: TFs/CAs for Stat 104 will be required to be physically available to attend all lectures (not just view the lecture videos), proctor two in-class exams, which are administered during the regular lecture time, the final exam (time & location TBD by the Registrar’s Office), and attend three exam grading sessions, which immediately follow exams. Currently lectures are scheduled on MWF, 11-12:00.
    • Additional Tasks: TFs/CAs are also expected to be available to help during the semester by doing several other small tasks, such as occasionally writing up homework solution sets, proofreading exams, and helping with review sessions before exams, etc.
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      • The TF/CA position is a great job for those who want to get involved with teaching statistics. Being a statistics TF/CA is a terrific experience and a valuable addition to your resume. We are looking for TFs and CAs who are reliable, energetic, and who care about helping other students learn statistics.
      • Prerequisites: a TF/CA must have already taken and passed the course for which they are applying to be a TF/CA (either at Harvard or an equivalent course elsewhere). TF/CA demand is greatest for Stat 104. Most students are also required to have previous experience as a Study Network Facilitator or a Grader.  Note: every first-time CA candidate for Stat 104 normally will be asked to be a SN (Study Network) facilitator or a grader as part of their training to become a CA in the following semester.
      • We expect that all TFs/CAs will meet the requirements listed above so they do not let down the students in their section. Students in the larger statistics classes, particularly, rely heavily on the work done by the TFs and CAs. 

How to apply

How do I apply?

1) Download and complete an application by click Download Application below.

2) Email your completed application to the appropriate person:

  • Completed applications for STAT 100, 102, 104, 109, 139, 149, and 171, along with a copy of your transcript, should be emailed to Kaitlin Hagan at
  • Completed applications for STAT 110 and STAT 111 should be emailed to Joe Blitzstein at
  • With one exception (Stat 110, see next bullet point), applications are accepted throughout the year; there is no deadline to submit your application as hiring is done on a rolling basis.
  • The exception to the rolling deadline is for Stat 110. All applications for Stat 110 are due by the Monday after Spring Break for consideration for the Fall Semester.

Additional Questions

  • More questions?
    • After reading through this information, please contact our Student Programs Administrator, Kathleen Cloutier, if you still have questions about being a TF or CA.