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Teaching Assistant Role

  • What does a Teaching Fellow or Course Assistant do?
  • Note that graduate students are hired as Teaching Fellows (TFs) while undergraduate students are hired as Course Assistants (CAs). 
  • While the specific responsibilities of TFs/CAs vary across courses, TFs/CAs are generally expected to lead weekly discussion sections, hold office hours, grade assignments, and attend teaching team meetings. In some courses, TFs/CAs may be required to attend classes.
    – Discussion sections: TFs/CAs lead discussion sections weekly that reinforce the material being taught during lecture. Depending on the course, TFs/CAs are either provided with a standard set of section materials or expected to generate their own. A discussion section typically involves both concept review and working through practice problems.
    – Office hours: TFs/CAs host office hours weekly at scheduled times during which students may drop in to ask conceptual questions or questions about assigned work. Depending on the course, some office hours are hosted individually, while others are hosted with other members of the teaching team.
    – Grading: TFs/CAs are responsible for grading assignments and returning feedback by the timeline set in a course, under the supervision of the instructor or preceptor.
    – Teaching team meetings: For most courses, the teaching team meets on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming deadlines, student performance on assignments, and assign additional tasks such as generating problem set solutions or proofreading exams.

How to apply

How do I apply?

1) Download and complete an application by click Download Application below. Please note there are different applications for Stat 100 (click here), Stat 102/104 (click here), Stat 110 (click here) and Stat 111 (click here). Applications for all other courses should use the Download Application button below.

2) The primary requirement for being a TF/CA is familiarity with the material covered in the course of interest; this requirement is usually met by having been a student in the course in a  previous year (or having taken an equivalent course at another institution). Additionally, we expect TF/CAs to demonstrate an enthusiasm for teaching; prior teaching/tutoring experience is helpful.
Completed applications for STAT 109, 139, 149, and 171, along with a copy of your transcript, should be emailed to Julie Vu at
– Please note that positions can generally not be guaranteed until enrollment numbers are determined.
– All applications for Stat 110 are due by the Monday after Spring Break for consideration for the Fall Semester.

Additional Questions

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