Fourth Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist Conference (BFF4)

Harvard University

May 1 - 3, 2017

Hilles Event Hall, 59 Shepard St, Cambridge, MA

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Early bird rates available through Tuesday, April 18th at 4:00 pm.

We’re pleased to announce the 4th Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist Workshop (BFF4), to be held on May 1-3, 2017 at Harvard University. The BFF workshop series celebrates foundational thinking in statistics and inference under uncertainty. The three-day event will present talks, discussions and panels that feature statisticians and philosophers whose research interests synergize at the interface of their respective disciplines. The program will open with a featured talk by Art Dempster and discussion by Glenn Shafer, and the featured banquet speaker will be Stephen Stigler.

Featured Speakers and Discussants:
Arthur Dempster (Harvard)
Andrew Gelman (Columbia)
Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)
Nancy Reid (Toronto)
Susanna Rinard (Harvard)
Christian Robert (Paris-Dauphine/Warwick)
Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon)
Glenn Shafer (Rutgers Business School)
Stephen Stigler (Chicago) 
Sandy Zabell (Northwestern)

Invited Speakers and Panelists:
Jim Berger (Duke)
Emery Brown (MIT/MGH)
Larry Brown (Penn Wharton)
David Cox (Oxford; remote participation)
Don Fraser (Toronto)
Mark Girolami (Warwick)
Jan Hannig (UNC)
Alfred Hero (Michigan/MIDAS)
Nils Hjort (Oslo)
Regina Liu (Rutgers)
Ryan Martin (NC State)
James Robins (Harvard)
Donald B. Rubin (Harvard)
Peter XK Song (Michigan)
Gunnar Taraldsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Vladimir Vovk (London)
Nanny Wermuth (Gothenburg)
Min-ge Xie (Rutgers)

To find out more about past workshops from the BFF series, here are the websites for BFF3 (Rutgers), BFF2 (East China Normal), and BFF1 (East China Normal).

We hope to have you join us in Cambridge this May!