S.C. Samuel Kou

Chair of Department,
Professor of Statistics,
Professor of Biostatistics: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Research Interests: 
Stochastic inference in single molecule biophysics, chemistry and biology
Bayesian inference of stochastic models
Nonparametric methods, model selection and empirical Bayes
Monte Carlo methods
Economic and financial modeling... Read more about S.C. Samuel Kou

SC 711
p: (617) 496-8423

Ali Ba

Staff Assistant

Ali can help with course offerings, scheduling departmental spaces, and information about the colloquium series.

SC 400A
p: (617) 495-1184

Karen Barkow

Director of Administration

Karen can help you invite a departmental scholar, hire a postdoctoral fellow, or coordinate an office move. In partnership with the faculty chair, Karen oversees departmental faculty services, budget and financial management, and space planning.

SC 400D
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